Together with cattle & pigs, horses & ponys have played a vital part in the shaping of the New Forest (UK)


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Fields of Demeter: seasons in the European landscape of culture

This 45 minute DVD highlights how European landscapes have been shaped by the hand of man all through history and how these landscapes have shaped European culture.

The film is an output from the European Cultural Landscape (ECL) project which was coordinated by the University of Bergen, Norway in association with partners in Austria, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. The DVD contains the ability to listen to the sound-track in either English, Italian, Nowegian, Spanish or Swedish and also features the potential to view subtitles in German or Portuguese. Copies of the DVD are available from Knut Krzywinski and extra material can be viewed at

The ECL website also provides the opportunity to provide feedback, pose questions and learn more about Our Common European Cultural Landscape Heritage. The producers hope that the film will be promoted by cultural institutions and organisations that work to safeguard European natural heritage and that it will help raise awareness, especially among the younger generation, of the intimate relationship between cultural landscapes and traditional farming practices.

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