Together with cattle & pigs, horses & ponys have played a vital part in the shaping of the New Forest (UK)



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HNV Link: The Dartmoor Learning Area

GoogleEarth image of East Dartmoor

The UK Learning Area for the HNV Link project consists of the commons of Dartmoor National Park and the farms which use them. Dartmoor is the southernmost of the UK's National Parks and also the southernmost area of upland vegetation in the UK.

Large areas of Dartmoor are designated under both national and EU legislation, with the core areas of blanket bog and dry heath. The area also delivers a much wider range of ecosystem services and public goods, ranging from an unparalleled density of archaeological
Dartmoor has the southernmost blanket bogs (Annex 1 habitat 7130) in the UK
remains to clean drinking water, from carbon storage to recreation. Nearly 36 000 ha of Dartmoor are common land grazed by sheep, cattle and ponies. Over half of the registered agricultural holdings in the Park have registered commons rights. For the last 30 years, there has been a unique and Dartmoor-specific commons system of commons governance through the Dartmoor Commoners Council.

The major challenges are achieving socio-economic viability and support and regulatory environments which fit well with common land systems.

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