The German „Serengeti“ – large-scale grazing with Heck-cattle in Thuringia


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The Policy Arena and High Nature Value (HNV) Farmland

Chairperson: Berien Elbersen

  • The Colin Tubbs Memorial Lecture. Rural Development plans and High Nature Value farmland - developing policies to cope with ecological complexity: John Rodwell, University of Lancaster.
  • The HNV Indicators project - the Policy needs: Jan-Erik Petersen, EEA, Denmark.
  • HNV farmland, the RDR and the MTR of the CAP: Michael Hamell, DG Environment EC, Brussels. PDF-file (136 KB)
  • Provisional results of the HNV Indicators Project and the aims of the Workshops: Erling Andersen, FSL, Denmark.

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Date: 2022/06/26
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