The German „Serengeti“ – large-scale grazing with Heck-cattle in Thuringia


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Field trips

Three different field trips were arranged, all of them was including visits to HNV areas and examples of market solutions.

One field trip went west to the county of Närke and visited a beef farm, (Gymninge gård) in an HNV area which market “nature conservation beef”, a nature reserve (Rynninge Bay and Oset) and a national park (Garphyttan) with examples of cultivated landscape of high value.

The second field trip stayed in the area of lake Mälaren visiting a beef producer who is part of a labelling scheme for “nature conservation beef” (Mälarhagskött), a farm based meet retailer who also has a large farm shop (Kungsbyn) and a farm cooperative of organic farmers selling vegetables, meet and other products at the farm gate (Åloppe Eko-mat).

The third field trip headed east and visited an organic milk producer with HNV farming (Jenny Alm, Knutby), a local small scale cheese factory (Väddö gårdsmejeri) and finally an organic, diversified farmer in the flat land north of Uppsala (Kjell Sjelin, Vattholma) who has both HNV areas along with organic production of cereals, beef, eggs and pig production, partly sold at the farm gate.

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