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Locally led agri-environment schemes - from a farmer’s perspective

13-14th March 2017

EFNCP Conference in Ireland

An invited workshop focusing on innovation and agri-environment and celebrating Dartmoor Farming Futures; an opportunity to understand what we have learnt over the last 30 years and how it can contribute to success in the future.

Dartmoor Farming Futures is an experimental agri-environment pilot programme on common land, designed and implemented locally on Dartmoor, but with the participation of the national nature conservation agency, Natural England, and a high degree of integration into the national agri-environment programme.

This combination of local development and engagement – something which comes across very clearly in the report and video launched at the event and available for download on this page – and integration into national structures is unique in England and unusual on the wider scale.

The challenge now is how to use the experiences in a broader way on Dartmoor and wider across England. How can such local engagement be replicated? What does national Government need to do? Is there scope for deepening the initial approach to look at payment mechanisms and rationales?

These are all challenges which deserve to be grappled with at a time of great change and potential opportunity in England, but the lessons are also valid for other EU Member States grappling with the huge extra difficulties posed by rewarding HNV farming on common land.


Monday 13 March 2017

Tuesday 14 March 2017

  • HNV farming in the Northern Uplands chainAdrian Shepherd (Yorkshire Dales National Park)
  • The payment by results trials in the Yorkshire DalesHelen Keep (Yorkshire Dales National Park)
  • Roundtable discussion focused on developing proposals for locally-led agri-environment schemes.
    • How do we empower participants in agri-environment to take greater ownership of delivering environmental outcomes/public benefits?
    • How do we incentivise a scheme to address a potential range of public benefits?
    • Is there such a thing as a ‘simple’ agri-environment scheme?
    • What are the potential benefits of local delivery?



Dartmoor Farming Future – evaluation report

Dartmoor Farming Future – evaluation report

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