The German „Serengeti“ – large-scale grazing with Heck-cattle in Thuringia


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High Nature Value farmlands: Recognizing the European Importance of South-East European landscapes

ACV-CSC, Rue de Trèves 31, B-1040 Brussels, 15th May 2008

South-East European landscape, © 2008 Evgeni Dinev
© Evgeni Dinev
  • How suitable is the High Nature Value farmland concept to Bulgaria and Romania?
  • Does the fact that it was developed before they joined the EU mean that important facets of this idea have been forgotten?
  • If it does apply, how well are its needs recognised by Governments in the region?
  • How well do the Rural Development Programmes for 2007-13 address these needs?

A programme of six workshops addressing these questions, three each in Bulgaria and Romania, took place in 2007 and early 2008. The choice of areas was different in the two countries. In Bulgaria they were held in designated areas - Strandzha, Rusenski Lom and the Western Stara Planina. In Romania they focussed on representative counties - Sibiu, Mehedinti and Galati.

This seminar provides an opportunity to report and discuss some of the findings of the project and for stakeholders from each of the workshop areas (farmers, agricultural advisers and administrators, NGOs) to interact directly with policymakers and civil society groups at EU level.


  • European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism
  • WWF Danube Carpathian Programme


  • Government of the Netherlands, BBI-Matra programme

Agenda (Download)

  • Introduction to the project rationale and structure - EFNCP
  • Introduction to the sites - WWF DCP
    • Yanka Kazakova: Agriculture and the agricultural policy framework (Download)
    • Koen De Rijck: Nature values and the related farming systems (Download)
  • Gwyn Jones: Theme 1 - Issues surrounding HNV grazing land - EFNCP (Download)
  • Yanka Kazakova: Theme 2 - Issues surrounding farmers who manage HNV farmland - WWF DCP (Download)
  • Guy Beaufoy: Theme 3 - High Nature Value farmland, lessons on definition and identification - EFNCP (Download)
  • An assessment of the challenges faced by the Member States - European Commission
  • Sergiu Didicescu: Where next for HNVF indicators and monitoring in RO - Romanian Government (Download)
  • Viara Stefanova: Where next for HNVF indicators and monitoring in BG - Bulgarian Government (Download)
  • Guy Beaufoy: Where next for EU: lessons from the project - EFNCP (Download)
  • Reaction from the project sponsor - Netherlands Government

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