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UK seminar on HNV farming policies

Natural England offices, London on 18th June

EFNCP and LUPG (the UK Land Use Policy Group) held a joint seminar in London on 18th June to consider the future of HNV farming policies in the UK.

This was an opportunity to present findings from case studies in England, Wales and Scotland, and to discuss the future of HNV farming indicators with Zelie Peppiette from the CAP evaluation unit of DG AGRI. The relevance of the UK Countryside Survey for HNV farmland monitoring was analysed using the Northern Ireland survey as an example.

Conclusions from the seminar


  • The European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism
  • UK Land Use Policy Group


Session 1:Introduction
10.30 Introduction to the day – LUPG
10.40 Introduction to the HNV farmland CMEF indicator – Zelie Peppiette (DG AGRI, European Commission)
Session 2:Case study findings from Devon, Carmarthenshire and Wye Valley
11.10 Introduction to the three case studies – Guy Beaufoy (EFNCP)
11.20 Devon – Guy Beaufoy (EFNCP)
11.50 East Carmarthenshire – Gwyn Jones (EFNCP)
12.10 Wye Valley – Andrew Blake (Wye Valley AONB) Paul Silcock (Cumulus Consultants)
12.45-13.30 Lunch
Session 3:Other examples
13.30 HNV farming in Scotland - Farm Characteristics and Practices – Ken Taylor, Vyv Wood (Asken Ltd)
14.00 Countryside Survey Northern Ireland – results and relevance to HNV farmland monitoring – Richard Weyl (DOENI)
14.30-14.45 Coffee
Session 4:Discussion of main issues emerging
14.45 Systems for identifying and monitoring HNV farmland
15.15 Targeting policy measures at HNV farmland in the context of RDPs post 2013
16.00 Conclusions
16.15 Close

Read more about identifying and supporting High Nature Value (HNV) farming in the UK.

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