The German „Serengeti“ – large-scale grazing with Heck-cattle in Thuringia


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International Conference on High Nature Value farming on Vilm, June 2010

The meeting took place against the background of preparations for a new Common Agriculture Policy. High nature Value farmland forms the ecological infrastructure of a large proportion of European landscapes. If the development of the European agrarian model is properly to consider the EU’s biodiversity targets, the maintenance, the development and support of sustainable High Nature Value farming should play a central role.

During the conference at the International Academy of Nature Conservation, a range of issues concerning the High Nature Value farming types and their management and the policy context on which they exist were presented and discussed. Participants came from about 20 European countries, from Portugal to Estonia, from Greece to the UK.

Examples from all parts of Europe illustrated the big financial disadvantages of these farming systems when compared to intensive agriculture. The resulting ‘income gap’ is not presently being adequately filled by agricultural policy. The conference discussed various options for rectifying this.

The organizers of the conference were the Institute for Agroecology and Biodiversity (ifab) in cooperation with the European Forum for Nature Conservation and Pastoralism and (EFNCP) and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN).


2. The Relevance of HNV farmland for cultural landscapes

HNV farmers, HNV farming systems and HNV farmland – considerations about cultural landscapes and European identity – an European Book project
Dr. Rainer Oppermann (IFAB), Guy Beaufoy (EFNCP)

4. HNV farmland in European countries

North East Europe, e.g. Estonia
Iiri Selge

North West Europe, e.g. Great Britain
Gwyn Jones

Western Europe, e.g. France
Dr. Xavier Poux

South Europe – e.g. Italy
Andrea Borlizzi

Eastern Europe, e.g. Bulgaria
Vyara Stefanova

Central Europe, e.g. Switzerland
Erika Loser

Poster and country presentations


Identification of High nature value farming in Estonia


Identifying and monitoring HNV-farmland in Finland - Defining the most valuable regions and a national HNV-indicator


HNV-farmland in Germany
Germans farms with HNV farmland


High nature value farming in Greece


The support of nature-friendly management methods in High Nature Value Farmland Areas in Hungary


High nature value farmland in Montenegro


High Nature Value Farmland in Poland


The mountainous area of Romania and the traditional management of the arnica montana l. grasslands


Determination of High Nature Value Farmland Areas in Slovakia


The credit point system a market approach to enhance biodiversity on farmland
Scoring with biodiversity: novel approaches to enhance conservation in agriculture

Rainer Oppermann, Institut für Agrarökologie und Biodiversität (

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