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Fact sheets 'CAP and the environment'

Fact sheets

EFNCP has joined up with a range of leading European NGOs to produce a set of Fact Sheets on the CAP and key environmental issues, including Biodiversity, Climate Change, Soil and Water.

EFNCP was lead author on the Grasslands and High Nature Value farming Fact Sheets.


  1. The CAP & Wildlife

  2. The CAP & Climate Change

  3. The CAP & Functional Biodiversity

  4. The CAP & Food Consumption

  5. The CAP & Genetic Resources

  6. The CAP & Organic Agriculture

  7. The CAP & Grasslands (EFNCP)

  8. The CAP & High Nature Value farming (EFNCP)

  9. The CAP & Pesticides

  10. The CAP & Global Impact of EU Agriculture

  11. The CAP & Soil

  12. The CAP & Water Quality

  13. The CAP & Water Scarcity

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Date: 2024/05/24
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