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Projects of the European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism

Projects 2001


PASTORAL: the agricultural, ecological and socio-economic importance of free-ranging livestock rearing in Europe.

Duration: 2001-03
Partner: SAC & others
Funding: European Commission's 5th Framework programme

This Concerted Action is conducted in collaboration with partners from throughout Europe. During the course of the project, the Forum assisted in the organisation, contribution to and dissemination from four workshops:

  • Extent & Characteristics of Extensive Grazing Systems (Spain, July 2001),
  • Impact of Scale & Accession on Biodiversity Value (Romania, October 2001),
  • Ecological principles and nature conservation value (Scotland, June 2002) and
  • Rural Policies in Europe: Delivering More for Pastoralism? (France, December 2002).

A series of eight Information Notes (see publications section at end of this report) and accompanying video were produced as part of the output from the project and are intended to provide a brief introduction to some of the issues facing pastoralism in Europe today.

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