Donkeys grazing in the Rhön mountains (Germany)


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La Cañada – 1995

No. 4: November 1995

  • Farming and conservation in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Pastoralism and low intensity farming in Romania
  • International Conference on Land-use Changes and Nature Conservation in Central and Eastern Europe, Palanga, Lithuania, June 1995
  • The Implementation of Regulation 2078/92 in Denmark
  • Why Norway said 'No'
  • Planta Europa Conference September 1995
  • Forum Workshop in Brussels – The CAP, environmental policies and environmental practice
  • Lowland wet grasslands in the Czech Republic and Estonia – implementing sustainable conservation
  • Farming and birds in European Russia

No. 3: May 1995

  • The 4th Forum, The Nature of Farming and Farming on the Edge
  • Transhumant pastoralism in dry Africa
  • EU's agri-environment programme under review
  • The White Carpathian protected landscape area
  • Main discussion points at the 4th Forum
  • Discussions in the dehesa
  • Future arrangements for the Forum
  • Portuguese Montados
  • Meeting with Agriculture Commissioner Dr Franz Fischler
  • Announcements
  • Extensive farming systems in Italy

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