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La Cañada – 1998

No. 10: Winter 1998/1999

Coverpage La Cañada No. 10: Winter 1998/1999
  • Agreement on Agenda 2000 in sight
  • The proposed Rural Development Regulation - a view from Spain
  • Effects of Agenda 2000 on milk and beef production in Finland
  • EU enlargement and rural policies in Central and Eastern Europe
  • A central European contribution to a pan-European conservation strategy
  • Sustainable agriculture in the Baltic Sea region - focusing on EU enlargement
  • Evaluation of agri-environmental programmes: European Commission Report STAR working document VI/7655/98
  • Announcements and Noticeboard
  • Managing high-nature-value farmland: policies, processes and practices

Download: La Cañada No. 10: Winter 1998/1999

No. 9: Summer 1998

  • A foundation for the future: an impression of the 6th Forum, Luhacovice, 6 - 10 June 1998
  • The EU Structural Funds 2000 - 2006: conserving nature, creating jobs
  • Scottish group visits the Basque country
  • Capital investments in central and eastern Europe - bad for biodiversity?
  • Announcements and Noticeboard
  • Making sure your copy of La Cañada arrives
  • Sixty goats but no husband - a look at small farming in Norway
  • Land use in the Azores - Europe's forgotten outpost
  • Integrated farming and conservation interests in the Chilterns, England
  • Forum contributes to the European Commission's agricultural policy consultative committees
  • Large-scale grazing systems and species protection in the Eastern Carpathians of Ukraine

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