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La Cañada – 2003

No. 17: Spring 2003

Coverpage La Cañada No. 17: Spring 2003
  • Editorial – Recent seminars in Brussels.
  • Summary of the seminar on the integration of forestry, biodiversity and agricultural concerns.
  • Forests and forestry in Rural Development.
  • Ancient wood pastures in Scotland.
  • Deciding on the balance between moorland and woodland in the Scottish uplands: an overview at the landscape scale.
  • Additional thoughts arising from attending the seminar.
  • Afforestation in Ireland – balancing the interests.
  • Forestry in Ireland – a rural community under threat from blanket afforestation.
  • Forestry and agriculture in Sweden and WWF's rural development projects.
  • Wood pastures in Germany – will they survive?
  • Wood pasture, abandonment and EU enlargement issues in Estonia.
  • Developing agroforestry systems in France.
  • Developing partnerships for the management of wood pastures in south-east France.
  • Social issues in Spanish forestry – maintaining the livelihoods of low-intensity farmers.
  • Forestry measures in Spain: a personal view of where the CAP goes wrong.
  • COMMENT The CAP and de-commissioning.
  • Noticeboard.

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