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La Cañada – 2004

No. 18: Spring/Summer 2004

Coverpage La Cañada No. 18: Spring/Summer 2004
  • EDITORIAL Decoupling, yes; retargeting, maybe – Franz Fischler's uncertain legacy.
  • EFNCP Brussels seminars and DG Agriculture's information actions.
  • The impact of decoupled payments on High Nature Value farming systems.
  • A background to decoupling.
  • Decoupling in the MTR of the CAP: a French perspective.
  • Ireland: the likely effects of full decoupling.
  • The impact of the CAP Mid Term Review proposals on the Highlands of Scotland.
  • Summary of decoupled payments in Switzerland.
  • Possible implications of the latest CAP reforms for HNV olive groves.
  • Impact of decoupled payments on the extensive dryland cereal farming areas in Portugal.
  • The impact of accession on High Nature Value cattle systems in Central and Eastern European Countries: A summary of some points arising from the seminar held ion 3rd March 2004.
  • National grassland mapping projects in Central and Eastern European Countries.
  • The impact of cattle and sheep grazing on grasslands in protected landscape areas of the Czech Republic.
  • The agricultural policy situation in Poland just prior to EU accession.
  • Cattle breeding in southern Poland and recent changes in Polish agriculture.
  • Cattle farming systems in the Biebrza wetlands: can we save grazing-dependent waders?
  • Beef-cattle breeding and grazing activities on agricultural habitats with high conservation value in Estonia.
  • The gaps and challenges for integrating the agri-environmental policies for HNV in the candidate countries.
  • An insecure future for transhumance in Romania.
  • Noticeboard.

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