Donkeys grazing in the Rhön mountains (Germany)


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La Cañada – 2005

No. 19: Summer 2005

Coverpage La Cañada No. 19: Summer 2005
  • Editorial. Identifying High Nature Value farmland
  • Important Plant Areas and High Nature Value farmland in Bulgaria
  • High Nature Value farming systems in Spain: experience and future prospects
  • Olives in Spain - an update
  • Global pastoralists gathering in Turmi, Ethiopia
  • Le "saltus": un cadre d'analyse pour saisir les enjeux des systèmes agraires européens à Hautre Valeur Naturelle
  • The LFA scheme: how important is it for the future of High Nature Value farming and how should it be reformed?
  • Identification of High Nature Value farmland in western Ireland, with particular reference to grasslands
  • Noticeboard

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