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La Cañada – 2007

No. 21: Winter 2007

Coverpage La Cañada No. 21: Winter 2007
  • Editorial – The HNV debate raises more questions than answers
  • Reflections from the EFNCP Conference 2007: ‘Can the market work for nature?’
  • EU labelling of geographical origin: good, bad or irrelevant for HNV farming?
  • The EU food hygiene Regulations (852/2004 and 853/2004)
  • La Nature comme cheval du Troie du Marché?
  • Nature – a Trojan horse for the Market?
  • EFNCP Conference 2007: HNV farmland in Nordic countries – a personal view
  • Valuing south-east European landscapes The Rusenski Lom workshop
  • Community initiatives for grassland conservation in the Lower Wye Valley, UK
  • Noticeboard

Download: La Cañada No. 21: Winter 2007

No. 20: Spring 2007

Coverpage La Cañada No. 20: Spring 2007
  • Editorial – Continuing change but little progress
  • Uppsala Conference, June 2007 – Can the market work for nature?
  • L'élevage ovin at caprin en Europe
  • Uist Workshop: Nature 2000 and the new RDPs
  • The Uist Workshop: Crofters Union report
  • Uist Workshop: 'Hot issues'
  • HNV farmland in the western Balkans
  • Plitvice boost for HNV farmland profile
  • 2005 Forum conference in Bulgaria on social sustainability of HNV systems
  • Identification of HNV farmland in Bulgaria and Romania
  • WISP – the World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism
  • Noticeboard

Download: La Cañada No. 20: Spring 2007

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