Donkeys grazing in the Rhön mountains (Germany)


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La Cañada – 2010

No. 24: Summer 2010

Coverpage La Cañada No. 24: Summer 2010
  • EFNCP steps up a gear thanks to DG Environment funding
  • Environmental services post-2013: EFNCP conference
  • Why biodiversity should top the CAP reform agenda
  • Progress on HNV farmland indicators across the EU
  • Progress on HNV farmland indicators at country and regional levels
  • Enlarged advisory group on the CAP post-2013 – an EFNCP contribution
  • Memories of a conference
  • Book reviews
  • Article 68 innovation on the Burren

Download: La Cañada No. 24: Summer 2010

No. 25: Winter 2010

Coverpage La Cañada No. 25: Winterer 2010
  • CAP reform 2013
  • EFNCP calls for simple support for semi-natural grasslands
  • Endemics in European grasslands
  • Public goods as a vehicle for integrating biodiversity into agricultural policies: opportunities and risks
  • European grassland birds in a global context
  • Trees on a pasture or pasture in the forest?
  • A UK study tour to northern Spain
  • Castilla y León’s innovative Plan 42
  • Extending HNV farming in Ireland
  • Do SPS rules scrub out valuable habitats?
  • A defence of the HNV concept

Download: La Cañada No. 25: Winter 2010

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