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e-newsletter 1, 2015

EFNCP news: Summer 2015

The European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism brings together ecologists,
nature conservationists, farmers and policy makers. This non-profit network exists to increase understanding of the nature-conservation and cultural value of certain farming systems,
and to inform work on their maintenance.

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LIFE grant gives a boost to EFNCP activities in 2015

The European Commission has confirmed an operating grant for EFNCP's 2015 work programme, under the LIFE scheme for NGOs. Thanks to the LIFE funding, we have many new collaborative projects with EFNCP member organisations and a busy year of policy work, events, practical action and networking.

Save the dates: EFNCP Conference in Ireland, 21-25 October 2015

Thanks to generous funding from the European Union’s LIFE-operating grant to NGOs programme, we are pleased to announce our first EFNCP conference for many years. We are joining force with our Irish colleagues in BurrenBeo for the Conference, which will take place between 22-24 October in Corofin, but you will be able to participate in other events before and after the Conference, so you can get the most out of your time in Ireland. ( READ MORE)

EFNCP in the 2015 Green Week

The Green Week is the biggest annual conference on European environment policy, with over 3000 participants in 2014. In 2015, the Forum was invited to take part in Session 4.2: the support of the Common Agricultural Policy for nature-based tourism, which was organised in collaboration with DG AGRI. ( READ MORE)

Common systems as protected areas: from Little Sydney to Madrid

Conservation by farmers and commoners can take place without there being any designation of the commons as protected areas, but the reality is that they are confronted to inadequate policy frameworks and lack of funding. Could official recognition of their capacity to "deliver" conservation goals constitute an opportunity to gather the support they deserve? ( READ MORE)

EFNCP joins the new alliance in support of pastoralism in Spain

Through the Spanish Platform for Extensive Livestock Systems and Pastoralism, which combines biannual meetings and online communication tools, livestock farmers, conservationists, researchers, government officers, farm advisors and many other third-sector actors and stakeholders can now exchange information and collaborate more closely.

TYFA: an EFNCP/IDDRI agroecology project

Ten Years For Agroecology (TYFA) is a project originating from a 2012 Brussels expert meeting on Integrating biodiversity in CAP reform. It concluded that we need to consider the wider context in which the evolution of High Nature Value (HNV) farming takes place, both in terms of markets (e.g., competition between extensive and intensive livestock systems) and policy framework. ( READ MORE).
Other High Nature Value farming news

Progress and evolution of Burren Life

Burren Life is a locally targeted conservation programme which invests in Burren farmers, their land and livestock. Burren Life has pioneered a novel ‘hybrid’ approach to farming for conservation which sees farmers paid for both work undertaken and, most importantly, for the delivery of defined environmental objectives. ( READ MORE)

How to assess High Nature Value pastoral land at farm level

A paper recently published in Ecological Indicators proposes the combining of three simple measures to provide a value, on a ten point scale, that indicates the nature value of pastoral farmland. The three measures are: 1) Proportion of improved grassland; 2) Stocking density per hectare of Utilisable Agricultural Area (UAA); 3) Length of linear habitats. ( READ MORE)

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