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What we do

What we do

EFNCP's main focus is on low-intensity livestock farming. This type of farming makes up the majority of what has become known as 'High Nature Value' farming in Europe - those types of farming that deliver the highest levels of biodiversity and other environmental services.

High Nature Value farming systems face socio-economic decline throughout Europe. But this decline is not inevitable - for many years these farming systems have been discriminated against by policies such as the Common Agricultural Policy.

This needs to change. There is an urgent need for consistent economic incentives and practical support right across the EU for the farmers and the farming systems that provide most environmental services.

EFNCP's overall aim is a viable economic future for High Nature Value farming across Europe. To pursue this aim, we work on several levels:

  • We push for concrete changes to the public policies and rules that govern farming in Europe, to make them more supportive of High Nature Value farming.
  • We carry out research into the issues facing High Nature Value farmers, and into the workings of policies that affect them.
  • We support local initiatives, involving farmers and others, that are working towards greater socio-economic sustainability for High Nature Value farming.
  • We feed lessons from research and from the local level into policy design at national and European levels.
  • We provide innovative and practical networking to increase awareness and understanding of High Nature Value farming among environmentalists, farmers and policy makers.

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