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Common land exchange visits

To safeguard the socio-economic and cultural value and ecosystem services provided by common grazings systems in Europe, it is crucial to lessen the sense of isolation and marginalisation amongst graziers. One way to do this and at the same time to raise their appreciation of their fellow graziers’ way of life and problems is to arrange exchange tours and training visits:

Ireland to England and Scotland

A group of 22 Irish knowledge-transfer professionals dealing with commonage in their work visited Scotland and England in a mobility visit funded by Leonardo.

Read more: Trip report and other details

England to Spain

This visit, part-funded by the Foundation for Common Land and part of the DG Environment funded work programme for 2010, was undertaken by commoners from Dartmoor and Cumbria, accompanied local facilitators and a common land researcher from CCRI.

Wales to Spain

On this visit, the group were all from the same area of common land – Mynydd Abergwesyn – and the trip was part-funded both by the National Trust (owner of the land) and DG Environment as part of the 2011 work programme.

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