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We’ve had enough! Good Food and Good Farming now!

International demonstration, January 19th, Berlin, Germany

"The outlook for our food and farming is bleak. Over the past 50 years, EU taxes have been used to support industrialized production. This form of agricultural is threatening the existence of our farmers in the global North and South. It is creating excessive food waste on the one hand and global food insecurity on the other: a situation now being worsened by increasing food speculation. The overuse of chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides is harming the environment, destroying biodiversity and threatening bee populations worldwide. Factory farms are also disregarding animal welfare, aggravating climate change and leading to the abandonment of rural areas. The continued European reliance on soy imports and the growing trend of land grabbing is devastating farming communities worldwide. It is time for change.

The policies responsible for all this are currently being reformed. In 2013 the direction of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the next 7 years will be finalized. Responsible for over 40% of the total EU budget, policymakers are currently deciding how to distribute the 60 billion Euros available each year. Whether small family farms will benefit, or whether the majority of the money will continue to subsidize large industries remains to be seen. These decisions will be made as the international community debates how to combat world hunger and ensure the right to food for all.

[...] We are calling on all those who want to see a green and fair reform of the CAP to come to Berlin to join an international demonstration. The demonstration will take place on January 19th, just days before the EU Parliament's Agriculture Committee will hold their final vote on CAP reform, and the final stages of negotiations in Brussels begin."

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Date: 2022/08/12
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