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The debate on the Future of CAP has started

Using the Wood Pastures Manifesto in the Public Consultation.

The Debate on the Future of CAP has started officially with the launch of a Public Consultation on the subject by the European Commission. We believe it is a good opportunity to raise our voices and concerns about the CAP not addressing the needs of extensive livestock farmers across Europe.

What is the timeline of policy decisions?

(see official roadmap here)

  • 2 February to 2 May 2017: European Commission runs public consultation on the CAP.
  • Second Semester 2017: European Commission publishes an impact assessment on the different policy options and a Communication with guidelines for the future CAP.
  • First Semester 2018: European Commission drafts a legislative proposal for further discussion in the European Parliament and EU Council (tbc).
  • Mid 2018 to 2019/2020: Co-decision process with Parliament and Council (tbc).
  • January 2021: Next CAP starts (EU Budget and Brexit negotiations permitting).

Why should we engage in this Public Consultation now?

Even if the next CAP is four years away, the major guidelines of the future CAP will be discussed and decided over the next 12-16 months. There will be numerous debates, policy events and internal negotiations taking place, with all stakeholders using their lobbying power to push for their interests.

In this context, this Public Consultation is the most open and transparent process to take part in the debate, particularly for those who don’t have other channels available to make their voices heard.

How to take part in the Public Consultation?

The Public Consultation on the Future of the CAP is available in most EU languages from this link:

Please bear in mind that together with the questionnaire, there are some policy scenarios drafted and a Q&A section available at the bottom of this EC webpage.

While the content of the consultation is quite technical, so not too easy to fill in for those not familiar with the CAP, respondents can choose to fill in only those questions they have an opinion about, and to add further views in the open questions and upload a position paper or other documents at the end.

How is the Wood Pastures Manifesto useful?

This Manifesto, available in English, French, Spanish and German, has very clear policy demands than can serve as inspiration to fill in some of the multiple choice and open questions. We would also encourage you to upload the Manifesto itself at the end of the questionnaire, unless you have some other more specific material developed by yourself or your organisation.

EFNCP has already taken the opportunity of this Public Consultation to “deliver” the Wood Pastures manifesto officially to the European Commission, with the strength of having over 135 organisations and 475 individual signatories behind it. Thanks to all!

What else can be done to join forces?

If many members and friends of EFNCP, supportive of the Wood Pastures Manifesto, participate in the Public Consultation about the CAP, it will already increase largely the chances that the policy concerns affecting extensive livestock farmers will be better addressed in the future CAP.

There are further initiatives asking for major changes in the CAP, like Living Land ( which you are also invited to explore and consider joining.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your views about the CAP through the Public Consultation, and thanks for sharing this information further in your networks.

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