Donkeys grazing in the Rhön mountains (Germany)


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Videos Farming Nature: English versions

  • Farming Nature: Spain - Sierra de Gredos, land of oaks and goats

    The landscape in Sierra de Gredos was modelled largely by the livestock that traditionally grazed in mountain pastures in the summer and descended to the valleys when the snow came. In this video, one of the few goat farmers left in this Natura 2000 site explains their pastoral management and the impact of recent policy developments.

  • Farming Nature: France - Using EU funds to promote best grazing practices

    In September 2015, the EFNCP team visited the Cévennes National Park to exchange with partners of the LIFE-Milouv project. In this video we learn about the management of open landscapes by extensive livestock farmers and how this promising project aims to improve environmental outcomes.

  • Farming Nature: Bulgaria

    In this video we travel to West Stara Planina, Bulgaria, in the south-eastern corner of Europe. We will learn how High Nature Value grasslands are preserved in this country by enthusiastic farmers like Pavlin Antonov, who apply rotational mob grazing to ensure the best production and environmental value in his pastures.

  • Farming Nature: Ireland - Community and Conservation on Achill Island

    Filmed on Achill Island in September 2015 this video highlights the Natura 2000 habitats Machair Grassland and Upland Heath, both present on the Island. Supporting the type of traditional extensive farming that is practiced here is essential for maintaining these habitats. Taking a more targeted approach to agri-environment schemes can help achieve this as can supporting local food production methods that add value to the farming system and local community.

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