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HNV Farmland: The Romanian Carpathian Mountains

by Sally Huband & Davy McCracken

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Smallholdings and semi-natural grasslands in the Romanian Carpathians

Though individually small, smallholdings cumulatively utilise and conserve significant areas of semi-natural grasslands in the Romanian uplands. In the village of Moeciu de Sus alone there are approximately 700 hectares of hay meadows ...

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The high diversity of plant and animal species occurring in the meadows of Moeciu de Sus is a consequence of the low-intensity of meadow management and the of the high number of individual meadow parcels all managed in a subtly different way e.g. differing in the date of mowing, level of dunging, presence and timing of spring/autumn grazing ...

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High summer pastures

High summer pastures

Livestock are moved off the smallholding in the summer months to allow hay to grow. In Moeciu de Sus, the lack of pasture in the immediate vicinity of the village necessitates the short-distance transhumance or pendulation (as it is known by Romanian academics) of flocks and herds to one of four upland pastures or to one of several lowland pastures ...

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