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HNV Showcases

HNV Farmland: South West Germany

by Benjamin T. Hill & Rainer Luick

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Black Forest

Black Forest

The Black Forest is most renowned for its vast expense of montane forest and cuckoo clocks. Equally important for biodiversity are species-rich grasslands and dwarf-shrub communities, which dominate the high-lying areas in the south ...

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Swabian Alb

Swabian Alb - Transhumance & High-Tech

Less then 50 km lie between the production-sites of Germanys most luxurious cars and juniper heathlands rich in orchids, where shepherds still look after their flocks in traditional ways ...

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Land use change

Land use change

At no time in history, land-use has seen such a dramatic change as in the past 100 years. The resulting disruption of important ecological processes is less apparent ...

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