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Supporting local projects

Involvement in local projects is a very important part of EFNCP's work. Working with farmers, environmentalists and authorities at the local level provides a far deeper insight into real issues (challenges and solutions) than can be achieved from a city office.

We take examples and lessons directly from the ground and feed them into policy design at seminars in the European Parliament, or discussions with authorities in Brussels and national capitals.

Innovative local approaches that deliver real progress for farmers and the environment are especially valuable, both for what they achieve on the ground, and as models that can be fed into the policy mainstream.

Our involvement in local projects can take different forms. In Romania, Pogány-Havas, Mozaic and ADEPT are examples of local NGOs working with traditional pastoral farmers to find practical solutions and investigating options for improving public policies. EFNCP has supported these projects financially (DG ENV grant) and we also undertake joint activities (research, seminars, exchange visits).

In Ireland the BurrenLIFE project developed an innovative approach to supporting HNV farming with CAP funds, and our main involvement is promoting this approach to other parts of the country and into the policy mainstream.

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