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Projects of the European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism

Projects 2002


Developing a High Nature Value farming area indicator

Duration: -
Partner: Danish Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning & others
Funding: EEA
Web: Subsequent EEA report

The objective of the project is to develop and test a suite of High Nature Value farming area indicators at EU level and to analyse the possibilities for extending the indicators to all EEA member countries. The Forum will assist with the conceptual development of relevant indicators and with the testing of the relevance of these in a varity of areas throughout Europe.


Transhumount: A review of the role of transhumance in mountain ecosystem processes and dynamics

Duration: 2002-03
Partner: ALTERRA & others
Funding: European Commission's 5th Framework programme
details of the book can be found at:

This Accompanying Measure is funded under the European Commission's 5th Framework Programme The project is coordinated by ALTERRA in the Netherlands and will be conducted in collaboration with a number of partners from throughout Europe.

The overall objective of this project is to summarise the current status of transhumance in European mountains and its influence on the component fragile ecosystems. The Forum will assist with the organisation of one workshop and one larger conference and with the production of a book summarising the outcomes of these meetings. The workshop for this project was held in Madrid, Spain in September 2003.


A review of the CAP Rural Development Plan 2000-2006: Implications for Natural Heritage

Duration: 2002
Partner: EFNCP
Funding: Heritage Council (IRL)
Web: Heritage Council project

Within this project the Forum assessed the likely implications for farmers and the environment of a shift to new payments under the new RDP in Ireland. Although different in approach, this work is complementary to WWF's Nature of Rural Development studies.

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