Donkeys grazing in the Rhön mountains (Germany)


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La Cañada – 2000

No. 13: Winter 2000

  • Report of the 7th Forum - Ennistymon, County Clare, Ireland 2000 - Recognising European pastoral farming systems and understanding their ecology: a necessity for appropriate conservation and rural development policies
  • Noticeboard
  • Pigs - the forgotten grazing animal
  • Th LFA reform - the experience in the Scottish Highlands & Highlands
  • Conference on environmental standards and cross-compliance in agriculture
  • The EU olive oil sector and opportunities for nature and landscape conservation

No. 12: Summer 2000

  • New national proposals for the Less Favoured Areas - EFNCP seminar, Brussels, March 2000
  • The LFA in Germany
  • The experience of developing a new LFA scheme for Wales
  • The application of the LFA compensatory allowances to Portugal
  • The LFA in Sweden
  • The Grazing Animals Project - a collaborative approach to improving conservation grazing in Britain
  • La transhumance en Provence - que deviennent les éleveurs, les bergers et leurs troupeaux?
  • Ancient pastoral systems as models for large-scale habitat restoration
  • Announcements and Noticeboard
  • Conserving sustainable agriculture and its rich wildlife in the Beira Baixa and Alentejo regions of Portugal

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