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La Cañada – 2011

No. 26: Summer 2011

Coverpage La Cañada No. 26: Summer 2011
  • HNV farming and permanent pasture – the gap between EU rules and reality
  • Court of Auditors SPS report – some useful points made, but also plenty to worry about!
  • New EU Biodiversity Strategy – an assessment
  • BSPB experience in supporting HNV grasslands management
  • Common grazing in Bulgaria
  • Common grazings in Scotland – forgotten treasures?
  • Serbia’s low-intensity and potentially HNV farming systems
  • HNV farming network in South Eastern Europe (SEE)
  • Basic support for mixed farming systems – a first draft of a possible approach
  • Noticeboard

Download: La Cañada No. 26: Summer 2011

No. 27: Winter 2011

Coverpage La Cañada No. 27: Winter 2011
  • EFNCP response to CAP proposals
  • HNV farming in the Aran Islands
  • Transhumant herders unite
  • Landmark case backs CAP support for extensive grazing
  • Is greening of the CAP beneficial for biodiversity?
  • Nature, people and place along the western seaboard – a study tour report
  • Burning and site condition – a modern dilemma
  • Curbing livestock emissions: how do national targets operate within a European strategy?
  • Do not intensify the livestick sector too quickly – a comment on Bill Grayson’s article
  • Noticeboard

Download: La Cañada No. 27: Winter 2011

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