Donkeys grazing in the Rhön mountains (Germany)


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La Cañada – 2019

No. 31: Winter 2019

Coverpage La Cañada No. 31: Winter 2019
  • Cross-visits and innovation brokering
  • Developing an HNV-vision
  • Spreading the word on HNV farming
  • Pastando Garganta (`Grazing Garganta’): A local HNV initiative in Extremadura, Spain
  • Western Stara Planina, Bulgaria: Socio-economic conditions
  • HNV-Link in Romania: A learning experience and story to share
  • Land use plan: A tool for dialogue in Sweden
  • The Dartmoor, UK: HNV farming in the age of Brexit
  • The Montado case study: coconstruction of locally led innovative solutions
  • Dalmatian islands as HNV farming landscapes
  • Future prospects for High Nature Value farming: lessons learnt


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