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La Cañada – 2012

No. 28: Summer 2012

Coverpage La Cañada No. 28: Summer 2012
  • ‘Greening’ the CAP for permanent pastures
  • Butterfly monitoring with BCE
  • UK seminar on High Nature Value farming policy
  • Wildfire prevention: a reason for promoting pastoralism in Spain
  • Subsidies harmful to biodiversity: how does the CAP measure up?
  • Farmers to train conservation professionals
  • Difficulties forseen for Basic Payments on common pastures
  • Ecological connections: a case study of common frog migration in the Eastern Carpathians
  • Mixed messages from EU institutions on 2020 biodiversity strategy
  • From the Forum

Download: La Cañada No. 28: Summer 2012

No. 29: Winter 2012

Coverpage La Cañada No. 29: Winter 2012
  • An open letter from the Baltic Farmland Biodiversity Conference
  • Campaign on semi-natural pastures in CAP continues
  • Agri-environment failing Scottish common grazings
  • The Chillingham wild cattle of Northumberland
  • Preservation of open pasture lands in Hungary – the work of the Nature Conservation Public Fund Network
  • Sustainable management of municipal commons in Bulgaria
  • Integrating biodiversity in the CAP – what stategy?
  • International negotiations and debates: do they hinder or foster biodiversity integration in the CAP
  • Co-operation on an Irish commonage – the Boleybrack approach
  • Conference: Acknowledging montados and dehesas as High Nature Value Farming Systems
  • Lies, damned lies and statistics...
  • ECA report on Single Area Payment Scheme
  • Noticeboard

Download: La Cañada No. 29: Winter 2012

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