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Workshop on Results-Based Payments

Caernarfon, 12-13/3/24

This workshop was organised to benefit the Welsh Government’s post-Brexit scheme design process by bringing together international practitioners and experts on results-based payment approaches.

The event was funded by the Welsh Government by means of an Agile Cymru grant. Opinions expressed in the event do not necessarily reflect those of the funder.

The rationale of the event did not lend itself to the drawing of public conclusions; this page provides access to the materials shared onscreen during the workshop.


  • Introduction to the event – Gwyn Jones (Download PDF)
  • Sustainable Farming Scheme context – Welsh Government
  • Introduction to Results-Based Payment Schemes – Gwyn Jones & Caroline Sullivan (Download PDF)
  • Ireland’s Locally Adapted Hybrid RBP Model – James Moran (Download PDF)
  • RBP in the Austrian AEC Programme – Johanna Huber (Download PDF)
  • Collective approach to AECM – a Dutch example – René Stiphout (Download PDF)
  • Questions arising (Download PDF)
  • Farmer attitudes to RBPS – Mary McAndrew (Download PDF)
  • Meaningful delivery? – Derek McLoughlin (Download PDF)
  • Summary of issues arising on the field trip (Download PDF)
  • Why use RBPS? – Rob Burton (Download PDF)
  • Calculating payments; combining measures – Gwyn Jones (Download PDF)
  • Developing RBPS delivery capacity – Caroline Sullivan (Download PDF)
  • Using technology to deliver effectively – Patrick Crushell (Download PDF)

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