The German „Serengeti“ – large-scale grazing with Heck-cattle in Thuringia


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In memory of Dr Barbara Knowles

Barbara was a very good friend and colleague, who collaborated regularly with the Forum. Her enthusiasm continues to be a source of inspiration for our work.

Management of extensive grasslands in mountain areas

EFNCP participation in Conference

Date: 29-31 May 2016
Location: Boros, Lunca de Jos, Romania

Organised by EFNCP members Pogány-Havas Regional Association and Landcare Germany, and funded by the Satoyama Development Mechanism, this International Conference was held in memory of Dr Barbara Knowles, in Gyimes, one of her favourite places in Transylvania and worldwide.

village of Lunca de Sus

The village of Lunca de Sus and its traditional hay meadows. Photo: Jabier Ruiz

In this event, over 50 scientists, farmers, conservationists and policymakers got together to discuss about the management and conservation of biodiverse extensive grasslands, and how to support nature-friendly farming systems which are profitable and socially sustainable in the modern context.

meadows of Pogány-havas mountain

The event included a field visit to the high biodiversity mountain hay meadows of Pogány-havas mountain. Photo: Jabier Ruiz.

The programme of the Conference included 10 invited speakers from Romania and abroad. You may download the presentations from the organiser’s website. The Forum contributed with a talk on “Threats to wood pastures in Europe”.

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